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Best Headlamp for Running – 2020 top pics

  As a runner, you have probably found yourself jogging in the dark at some point. Whether it is early morning, or late afternoon, fitting in that run sometimes leaves you with less than adequate daylight. In addition, running in the dark can be dangerous without the right equipment. One part of this equipment is […]

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Nitecore HC33 – Full Product Review

Introduction of Nitecore HC33 The NITECORE HC33 is an L-shaped lamp for high performance. It is strong, rock-solid and powerful.  The light’s beam is up to 1800-lumens and it can reach up to 600 feet (187 meters) away! Nitecore HC33 is a multipurpose flashlight. But what does that mean? Headlamp, flashlight, pendant lamp – they […]

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Nitecore HC65 – Full product review

Introduction of Nitecore HC65 Nitecore as a company is well known for their rock-solid and premium quality products. They manufacture all kinds of different lamps (headlamps, flashlights, bike lights, lanterns, etc). Their new Nitecore HC65 headlamp is no different in that sense. It is not a cheap Chinese knockoff, which we all have seen and […]

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Best Headlamp for Hard Hat 2020

If you read this article then you are probably looking for the best headlamp for a hard hat. To help you choose the right one we have made this article. Here we will give an overview of the best products available in the market. Hard hats are defensive hats that are worn by people who […]

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Best headlamp for hunting 2019

Welcome to our hunting headlamp guide. We hope that this article helps you decide which headlamp is best for you when going hunting. If you are a hunter, you will come across the need to get your hands on the best hunting gear available out there. That’s where you should take a look at the […]

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