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Introduction of Fenix LR35R

Over the past few years, Fenix has produced sturdy and tactical flashlights. We know their products for the build and output quality. Fenix LR35R 10,000 lumens flashlight is no different. Compared to the most recent TK35 tactical flashlight, LR35R really takes it to next level. However, this flashlight lacks a rear switch which is convenient for tactical operations.

While it might not be a wonderful choice for tactical operations like TK35, it is an excellent choice for outdoor activities. For example when you are planning on going camping or hunting? In that case Fenix LR35R is an effective solution. 

I have tested this powerful flashlight, and this is my detailed review of its overall built quality and performance.

Inside the Box

Just like the previous Fenix flashlights, I received my LR35R package in a black and yellow box. Its packaging is a bit limited compared to its pricing. However for a flashlight going for almost $200, I expected more to the design and overall packaging. 

Even so, I received my flashlight with no altercations. I tested the flashlight and written down all my thoughts what I have to say about this product.

Included Accessories

Here is what you’ll find inside the box:

  • LR35R 10,000 lumens flashlight
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • Additional O-ring 
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • 2 pieces of 21700 Li-ion rechargeable batteries
  • User Manual and Warranty Card

So basically you will find everything you need to use this portable flashlight

Differences Between Previous Models

LR35R vs TK35

I have always liked my old TK35 flashlight until Fenix launched this powerful LR35R toy. Besides its compact pocket size, the LR35R flashlight offers to 10,000 Lumens. I find this to be quite an upgrade, since the TK35 offers up to 820 lumens. 

However, the TK35 still stands out for its tactical handling. The LR35R flashlight can be a little frustrating for security personnel and first responders because its side switch is not convenient for such type of work. 

When purchasing the TK35 flashlight, Fenix Store does not include the batteries in the package. I had to order my batteries from them. The TK35 battery capacity also differs from that of LR35R flashlight. TK35 uses 18650 batteries while the LR35R uses 21700 batteries. The latter comes with the batteries as well, saving you a few dollars. 

TK35 flashlight has a micro USB charging system, while the latter uses Type-C charging system. 

While both flashlights have an IP68 rating, the LR35R flashlight lacks a tail switch. This limits its ability as a tactical flashlight. The TK35 has both the side and the rear switch, making it a perfect choice for security personnel. 

Major difference between the TK35 and LR35R flashlights is the light output. It is difficult to compete with a 10,000 lumen portable flashlight. 

However, both flashlights have a memory mode. It’s a prominent feature that does not need you to keep changing the output settings. The flashlights will go back to the last mode settings you used before switching it off.

Fenix LR35R

Fenix TK35

Fenix LR35R User Experience

Product Overview

The Fenix LR35R flashlight offers flexibility and a longer runtime. We shall discuss my findings later on in this review. With an output of up to 10,000 Lumens, the LR35R provides a nice hand grip. Well, Fenix has done this with most of their flashlights. 

The side switch is a pleasant touch, and I think they designed it with single-hand users in mind. That I loved the previous tactical switch. Compact size makes it easy to carry in my pockets, even though the pocket clip can be a little disappointing. 

With such a high battery capacity, it can take a week before you need to recharge. Although it depends on how often and which light mode you are using. But I usually charge mine at least once a week. 

How can you know that you need to charge? Like many rechargeable flashlights, the LR35R has a led indicator that blinks when the battery is running low. Also, the flashlight has a battery charge indicator that determines what battery percentage you are on. 

  • Green light–85-100%
  • Blinking green light–50-85%
  • Red light–25-50%
  • Flashing red light -1-25%

Due to its 6 outputs, I can do anything I wish in the dark with the new Fenix LR35R flashlight. Besides, it is only 5.5” long, which makes it easy to bring along everywhere you go. In addition it is waterproof and dustproof IP68 flashlight. Therefor its  excellent for campers and hikers. 

Built Quality of Fenix LR35R

Like most Fenix Flashlights, the LR35R is sturdy and built for outdoors. As I already said before,  It is IP68 rated with dustproof and waterproof qualities. I love that this flashlight has a flat body, which gives me a nice grip. The flashlight is sturdy enough to accommodate a 1 meter fall without breaking a thing. 

Unlike the matte finishing on the TK35, LR35R is shiny. 

And the LEDs are incredibly bright. In other words, Fenix LR35R flashlight has six SST40 LED and each with an output of 1,000 lumens. The beam has a greenish tint, but does not affect the output quality. 

LED bulbs are arranged in a flower shape with one in the middle. I find this as an interesting concept.

Additionally, with two 4000MAh batteries, this flashlight is a delight. However, there is only one switch to control the flashlight mode. I take a few seconds to switch from one mode to another and I have to press and hold for half a second to switch from Eco to Low. You have to read the user manual to learn how to switch the user modes.

The mode memory is an amazing feature, especially if you are constantly using the same mode. 

Unfortunately, the handle heats quickly, even with the Overheat Protection that Fenix boasts about in their product description page. 

It is nice that the flashlight has a built-in Type C charging system. It is an effective feature for everyone who use phones with tthe same charging type.

Fenix LR35R-USB-C

Handling of Fenix LR35R

This flashlight is one of the most powerful flashlights in our era. It is exciting how much output this compact flashlight offers. Compared to the 820 lumens TK35, LR35R is much smaller and portable. So, yes, I can carry it literally everywhere, just in case. Isn’t that what we look for in flashlights? 

The Overheat protection, however, is not as effective as I expected it to be. For a flagship product, the LR35R heats fast, especially when holding it in your hand. 

And battery use is moderate until you are using the 10,000 lumens mode. This will drain the cells a lot faster. Other modes seem to have a high performance. 

Pocket clip of the flashlight is a significant feature for outdoor activities. It makes sure that you do not misplace or lose this powerful flashlight. You can easily clip it on the belt, go for a thin belt though. Alternatively, you can use the Lanyard or Holster if you do not prefer the pocket clip.

Even though the side switch cannot match the tactical switch on the TK35 flashlight, it is convenient for single-hand use. I can easily hold the flashlight and reach for the switch with my thumb. 

However, a single switch on the side may not be convenient, especially for security use. I prefer the old tactical rear switch.

User Interface of Fenix LR35R

LR35R with its  10,000 lumens is a flashlight that has a lot to offer in terms of the user interface. You can use the 5 modes on the flashlight, depending on the output you want. 

5-Mode powerful flashlight

  • Eco
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Turbo
  • Strobe 

To turn on the flashlight, press and hold the switch on the head part of the flashlight. It takes only half a second to get the flashlight on. The lock out function also works when you double tap the switch. 

A single click will only show the battery status. 

When you finally turn on the light, you can scroll through the above modes by a single click for each mode. It surprised me that a triple click jumps two modes forward. Press and hold for three seconds to experience the full power of the LR35R flashlight. Click and hold for half a second to switch the flashlight off.

The memory mode is also an excellent feature for regular users. I don’t need as much as a 10,000 lumens; I also keep it at the Eco mode, which provides 50 lumens. It is not so low, but it is better than switching on to the Strobe Mode, which is uncomfortable for naked eyes.

One downside of getting such a powerful flashlight is that even with the lowest power output, it can be dazzling. With the Fenix LR35R flashlight, it goes from Eco mode (the lowest) with 50 lumens to a Low mode with 450 lumens! It is still a prodigious output as compared to most flashlights in the market.

Fenix LR35R - modes

Brightness Outputs and Runtime

Fenix LR35R comes with two 21700 batteries, each with a capacity of 4000MAh. These powerful batteries provide power to the 10,000 lumens IP68 flashlight. You can adjust the brightness level by switching from one mode to another. Below is a table of the brightness level outputs against runtime based on my testing.

Fenix LR35R Performance


Brightness Output



5080 HOURS



8 hours 20 minutes



3 hours 15 minutes



1 hour 35 minutes



1 hour 25 minutes



Besides, when running Fenix LR35R flashlight on Eco Mode, which I usually do, it takes over 80 hours for the battery cells to run out. However, this figure declines rapidly against the brightness output. Eco mode is good enough for indoors. 

Turbo mode runs on 10,000 lumens but is not the maximum. Actually strobe Level is the maximum output on the LR35R flashlight. 

It excited me to test this powerful flashlight on my street. In the Turbo mode, it is possible to see over 500 meters ahead! But the battery runs out quickly. For instance, It took about 15 minutes from a solid green light to a blinking green light. 

In addition, High mode runs on 3000 lumens for over an hour. It is effective for illuminating things at a distance, covering up to 200 meters. The Medium mode on 1200 lumens is also decent all-purpose mode. It can go as far as over 100 meters. The Medium mode is a great catch for outdoor and camping.

Fenix LR35R is Best For:

As a compact 10,000 lumens flashlight, I think this beat has a lot to offer. I also love it for its output and battery capacity. Given all the odds, 3 groups of people will find this powerful flashlight amusing: 

  • Campers and Hikers
  • Photographers
  • For household use

I am currently using mine for small photography tasks. It’s gives my photography set-up box a professional feel. In my opinion, photographers interested in underwater and also underground photography, will love this flashlight due to its brightness. 

The flashlight comes with a holster and also a Lanyard. You can use either to hold the flashlight, or attach it to a hook or stand to have your hands free. 

Campers and hikers will find the pocket clip really useful for safekeeping. Besides, the built-in charging system is an advantage since all you need is access to electricity to charge your flashlight.

Pros and Cons Fenix LR35R Flashlight

While the Fenix LR35R has a lot to offer, there is always a downside to something. You can  find the pros and cons of the  flashlight below.


  • 10000 lumens is a powerful output for a flashlight
  • Comes with accessories including rechargeable batteries unlike the previous products
  • Type-C USB built-in charging system


  • The single switch can inconvenience
  • Lacks a tactical rear switch despite having powerful outputs
  • It can also heat quickly even with an Overheat Protection feature

Our Rating

On a scale of 0-10, I would probably rate the Fenix LR35R flashlight at 8. It is an excellent and powerful flashlight built for indoor and outdoor use. The user experience is limiting, especially for the security workforce. One big con based on this is the lack of the rear tactical switch. 

However, Fenix LR35R has a lot to offer, including a long batter runtime. Even with the battery low indicator, the flashlight can keep going for hours. I rarely use the Strobe mode but I still cannot give a 10/10 rating because of the few shortcomings. 

In conclusion, this is one of the most powerful flashlights in the market. So if you want someting powerful and good quality, just go for it. 

Where to Buy Fenix LR35R?

You can buy it from most of the well equipped camping and hunting stores. But if you want to buy it online and also  support us then you can buy it from Amazon or Fenix store

Final Verdict

While the Fenix LR35R flashlight offers a powerful output, it is normal to have some shortcomings. With a maximum output of up to 10,000 lumens, there is nothing you cannot do with this flashlight. People in all industries will find it useful, even though it is not a convenient flashlight for emergency use, because of the single switch.

Overall, the Fenix LR35R is an excellent choice for those willing to dig deeper into their pockets for a flashlight.

Let us know what do you think about our reviews!

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