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Introduction of Nitecore HC33

The NITECORE HC33 is an L-shaped lamp for high performance.

It is strong, rock-solid and powerful.  The light’s beam is up to 1800-lumens and it can reach up to 600 feet (187 meters) away!

Nitecore HC33 is a multipurpose flashlight. But what does that mean? Headlamp, flashlight, pendant lamp – they are all combined in one product.  One way is to use it as a headlamp.  At the same time due to its L-shape, it can also be used as a handheld flashlight or a pendant lamp. To do that you just need to take it out from the provided headband.

So if you are looking for a powerful multipurpose headlamp, then stick around. This review will probably give you a good idea of whether you should go for it or not.  


Inside the box

Inside the box

  1. HC33 headlamp
  2. 18650 3500mAh battery
  3. Spare O ring
  4. Button cover
  5. Clip
  6. Headband
  7. Holder
  8. Special Diffuser
  9. User manual
  10. Warranty card

How is Nitecore HC33 different from previous products?

Nitecore HC33 is an upgrade to their previous product HC30. This means that everything on this light is a bit bigger and better than on the previous model HC30.  For example,  the light itself by size is slightly bigger but not significantly. They have also increased the maximum brightness level.  On the HC33 it is 1800 lumens compared 1000-lumens which HC30 has. In short, HC33 is almost two times brighter.  

One totally new feature, which Nitecore HC33 has, is a magnetic tail cap. This enables to hang it somewhere using the built-in magnet. For instance on a metal wall. HC30 did not have this feature, which was a big shortcoming.       

Another totally new and really cool feature is a battery indicator. When you insert the battery then it shows the volts by blinking.  For example, when the battery is on 3,7 volts then it blinks 3 times, followed by 1,5- second pause and then it blinks again 7 times.  

Is Nitecore HC33 for you?

When you are looking for an L- shape multipurpose flashlight, then you definitely should consider NITECORE HC33 as one option.

When you need a powerful flashlight for performing your work tasks then I don’t know a better option. But if you need a headlamp for running, hunting health walk then probably there are better options in the market. For hunting, perhaps HC65 is a better option.

Nitecore HC33 is powerful, handy and its magnetic tail cap gives you the ability to just hang it somewhere and carry on your work tasks.  This flashlight has an IP68 rating which means its waterproof and submersible. Also, its 1 m impact resistance. For example,  if you drop it, you probably don’t need to worry about it.  

Due to all the above-mentioned features, HC33 is the perfect lamp for working purposes.

But when you just need an extra flashlight in your home, then NITECORE HC33 probably might be overkill. But then again why not? 🙂

Nitecore HC33

The experience

Built quality

The built quality is as expected from a NITECORE product. In other words,  the flashlight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. So it’s strong and feels rock solid and expensive in your hands. In conclusion, there is no need to be afraid that you will spend lots of money on a bad quality product.

There are several built-in protection features on HC33. For example, it has built-in reverse polarity protection. So, if you insert the battery incorrectly, you do not have to be afraid about frying the circuits.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that on the side HC33 has fins. These help to cool off the light.    

User interface

HC33 has only one button. Therefore it is rather easy to use it. One button controls all the brightness levels and special modes.

When you switch the button once, it turns on the light.  After that, every button push basically switches the lamp to the next mode.

And finally, If you hold the button down for a couple of seconds, it turns off the light. In conclusion, it’s very easy to use it and the learning curve is really short.  


Nitecore HC33 is really light. To clarify this, without batteries, the headlamp weighs only 1,81 oz (51,2 g). With batteries, it’s a bit heavier but not significantly. 

We must say that using the lamp with headband is surprisingly comfortable. Although we thought at first, that carrying around L shape light in your head will be uncomfortable. But on the contrary, due to thoughtful design and good quality nylon headband, it’s rather comfortable.

Of course, attaching the light to the headband requires a bit of time and effort. You need to put it through rubber circles. But, when taking into account the simplicity of the headband design we must say it fits there perfectly.  

When the light is attached to the headband, then it does not shake at all. Although when you see the design you will be afraid of it. But in reality, you will soon forget that you even carry the lamp.  

HC33 fits perfectly with hard hats also. This is one reason why it is a perfect light for professionals.  So, if you wish to wear this light with a hard hat, then no need to worry about whether it fits there or not.    

For this light, Nitecore has developed a system called “Floodlighting system”. This basically means that HC33 has a wide 100- degree beam angle which is awesome. Due to that, the beam covers a very wide area which is really needed from a proper headlamp.

Brightness outputs

HC33 has five different brightness outputs from ultralow to the turbo.

Ultralow, which is only 1 lumen, is suitable for tasks that require minimum brightness (e.g. reading in the dark).

Low mode is very good for using indoors because it is not that bright and it does not disturb the user. In other words,  too bright light indoors is rather disturbing.  

All other modes (Mid, High, and Turbo) are meant for outdoor use. For most actions, Mid and High modes are enough. They are bright and get the job done. Also, their runtime is more than sufficient.

Turbo mode is the brightest mode. With its 1800 lumens, it is really bright and powerful. You will need it only when you want to see in the distance or wish to blind somebody (e.g. an animal).   

HC33 has also three special modes – Strobe, beacon, and SOS. Basically, these modes mean blinking in Turbo mode in different timeframes.   

Runtime of Nitecore HC33

As always, runtime depends on a lot of conditions and modes. So to make it easy we have drafted a table where you can see the runtimes of different modes. But bear in mind that these are runtimes in perfect conditions. At home, you probably get slightly different results.

To improve runtime, we recommend using Nitecores quality battery or some other quality battery. By doing that you will probably get better results.     

Mode Brightness level Runtime
Ultralow 1 300 hours
Low 70 15 hours
Mid 240 5 h 15 min
High 780 1 h 30 min
Turbo 1800 30 min
Strobe 1800
SOS 1800
Beacon 1800


Pros and cons


Very good built quality

Very powerful and bright

Very good design


No low battery warning


Price on Amazon: 64,95

Price on Nitecore store:  64,95  


Our rating:   9/10


Final verdict of Nitecore HC33

To be honest, we were impressed by this flashlight. The main reason for that is the fact of how powerful it is. 1800 lumens is outstanding. Especially for a headlamp.  

And all its other features like magnetic tail gap, voltage indicator and all in all its built quality make it one of the best flashlights/headlamps on the market.

To conclude everything we definitely recommend HC33. If you are looking for a multipurpose L-shape flashlight/headlamp then you can not go wrong with HC33.     

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