Olight i5T Comprehensive Review

Olight I5T flashlight

Introduction to Olight i5T

We are used to Olight producing high-quality flashlights, and the Olight i5T​ is no different. This AA battery tactical flashlight comes in three editions, the Blue twist, Brass, and the black aluminum flashlights. In this review, I will talk about the black edition.

I received my Olight i5T flashlight in a stylish packaging box. You can tell it is a simple light from the first impression, and the output is promising. So far, I like the physical outlook of the Olight i5T. I will talk about the performance in the final thoughts section later on.

This IPX8 –rated flashlight feels balanced in my hand and the tactical switch is pretty convenient.

Inside the Box

I like that Olight tries to include all the accessories with their lights. However, Olight i5T EDC flashlight lacks the lanyard and the holster. It only comes with a flexible pocket clip to hold the light for safety. The packaging box is well-detailed and at the same time simple.

Olight also ships the light with the battery in the light. Besides, the detailed user manual comes in 18 languages, which is an extra mile Olight has taken.

Included accessories:

These are the accessories you will find inside the Olight i5T box:

  • Olight i5T flashlight

  • 1 GMCELL AA alkaline battery

  • Pocket clip

  • Read me card

  • SkyBen Battery Holder

There are no spare O-rings or a pouch for the flashlight. On Olight’s defense, this is a really small flashlight measuring at 3.76in long. I don’t think there would be a need for a holster, even though a lanyard would have been nice.

Olight I5T flashlight

Difference Between Previous Product

Olight i3T was an impressive flashlight and so is the newest version, Olight i5T EDC flashlight. I5T is slightly longer than the i3T, which is a good thing.

It also has a higher output of 300 lumens on the High mode while i3T has an output of 180 lumens on Turbo mode,

I love the tail switch in both flashlights. It is convenient and easy to activate and change between modes. Olight i5T uses single AA alkaline or NIMH battery while i3T uses an AAA Alkaline battery.

The two flashlights are stylish and perfect for beginner flashlight enthusiasts. I would go for the $30 Olight i5T as compared to its predecessor.

Olight I5T

Olight I5T flashlight

Olight I3T


User Experience

Product Overview of Olight i5T

Olight i5T flashlight arrived in a nice and well-designed packaging box. You need to remove the yellow insulating film from the battery terminal on the tail cap to activate the light. It also comes with the AA alkaline battery installed in the light.

 The alkaline battery is a kind of deal-breaker for me given the possibility of leakage. It can easily spoil your new light.

This EDC light has a very impressive black aluminum finishing with spiral patterns to give a good grip. As with most of Olight’s tactical flashlights, i5T is also waterproof and impact resistant. Olight claims that this light can survive a 1.5m drop, and I agree.

The two-mode light has a high output of 300 lumens and a low of 15 lumens. The battery runtime is actually very impressive, with the low mode going up to 20 hours.

You can control this flashlight using only one hand, thanks to the convenient tail switch. However, Olight fails to provide a holster for safekeeping. The pocket clip does enough to hold the light in my pocket although it would be too small to clip on the belt.

Olight I5T flashlight specs

Built Quality of Olight i5T

For a flashlight this size, I think Olight has done an excellent job with the i5T flashlight. The AA battery-powered light comes in a detailed box and high-quality packaging. It is also exciting that Olight includes an AA alkaline battery with the light. However, I still think a Li-ion battery would offer more benefits.

The flashlight is lightweight and fits in a medium-size hand nicely. The spiral knurlings provide a tight grip even for sweaty or wet hands.

Olight is also very flexible when it comes to the battery type for i5T. While you cannot use a Li-ion rechargeable battery on this light, i5T light does not have a dedicated battery. You may choose to use an AA alkaline or NIMH battery on your i5T tactical EDC flashlight.

The light works pretty well underwater and does not flicker or go off. Luckily, only the tail cap can unscrew from the light and comes with lubricated threads. At the head, you will find a greenish beam powered by a single Osram P9 emitter LED.

Olight I5T flashlight taken apart


If you are looking for a tiny but very powerful tactical flashlight, Olight i5T is an ideal choice. This light is made with comfort and durability in mind. The light has a single tail switch which is easily accessible. A half-press on the switch will activate the light on the default Low mode. I didn’t like how easy it is to get it on involuntarily when pocketing the light.

Nevertheless, it is straightforward to use given that it only has two modes, High and Low modes. Press once and release the switch to turn your light on 15 lumens low. Clicking the light once, while on low Mode, will gradually increase brightness output to a High mode of 300 lumens.

Olight i5T flashlight has an excellent performance in terms of brightness output and battery runtime. It is an ideal EDC flashlight and spare light to attach to your keychain.

Olight I5Tin hand

User Interface of Olight i5T

Being a small tactical light, i5T is pretty easy to use. The user interface is impressive with only two operating modes. However, you need to master how to select your preferred mode on this tactical EDC light.

With only one tail switch, you can activate the light and scroll between the Low and High modes. From off, click the tail switch once and release the switch. You will be on the default Low mode but you can half-press the switch twice to set your light on constant High Mode.

I found it unnecessary that you have to switch off the light to change from High to Low Mode.

Note that Olight puts the battery in the light during shipping. However, to activate the light, you need to remove the film covering the battery terminal on the light. Make sure that the positive battery side goes towards the head before closing the tail cap.

Since this is not a rechargeable light, you will not find a charging port on it. You can always purchase new AA alkaline or NIMH batteries once you deplete. Luckily, on the low mode, this light can go up to 20 hours.

The light also lacks a battery charge indicator. You can tell that your battery is running out by a decline in brightness output.

Brightness Outputs and Runtime of Olight i5T

The brightness output and battery runtime of i5T is quite impressive. Well, I do not mind given that this is not a flashlight to use for rescue or work-related operations. It is a simple light you bring with you everywhere, you know, just in case.

However, an output of 300 lumens from such a small light is incredible. And Olight boasts that this light can sustain 100% output for 3 minutes. It does seem to last that long without decreasing the output by half.

After 3 minutes, Olight i5T gives an output of 150 lumens for about 25 minutes. I find this very impressive compared to most EDC flashlights in the market. It then drops to give an output of 30 lumens lasting for about 2 hours.

At 5.5 hours, the light will drop to 5% output and later to a low of 2% output at 10 hours. I5T flashlight wins in terms of battery run time with the Low mode offering up to 20 hours of battery runtime. It is very impressive given that it uses a 1.5V or 1.3V AA alkaline battery.



Brightness Output

Battery Runtime


15 lumens

20 hours


300 lumens


3 minutes at 100% output

150 lumens for 25 minutes

30 lumens for 2 hours


A flashlight of this size with a high mode of 300 lumens is a great milestone in the EDC flashlight. It is quite an upgrade from the i3T light that only had 180 lumens.

Olight I5T light

Olight i5T is Best For ...

Well, Olight i5T is quite an impressive and sturdy flashlight. Going for $30, flashlight enthusiasts and collectors will love this one. It is of course not something to take to your camping or hunting trips. The output is good but not competitive enough for major operations.

However, if you love having an extra light with you at all times, it would not hurt to get this light. Besides, it doesn’t matter where you go; this light is sturdy enough for outdoor and harsh conditions. It is both waterproof and impact-resistant, making it a nice spare light.

Besides, it is less than 4 inches long which makes it highly portable. You can clip it on your pants or keep it with your keys.

Beginner tactical flashlight enthusiasts will find pleasure in this small light.

Pro-s and Cons of Olight i5T

Olight i5T is a nice beginner-friendly tactical flashlight. It offers an impressive output and looks great too. These are some of the pros and cons I found in this 3.7 inches flashlight:


  • The spiral patterns look cool and offer a nice tactical grip

  • The raised tail switch is easy to access to activate the light

  • It is easy to use with only 2 modes

  • Made of high-quality sturdy material

  • Impressive performance



  • Alkaline batteries can easily leak and ruin your flashlight

  • It is not rechargeable

  • There is no battery indicator

  • Only two modes without so many features to offer

  • $30 seems so much for such a small light

Our Rating

With the success of the AAA alkaline battery powered Olight i3T, i5T is an impressive upgrade. It is a nice compact tactical flashlight offering up to 300 lumens. I think this is a win especially because it is alkaline battery powered. Olight does not disappoint when it comes to quality.

I find the i5T flashlight visually appealing as well, especially with the limited editions. Besides, the spiral patterns are unique and provide a very firm tactical grip. I loved that Olight shipped this light with the tail cap threads lubricated.

In terms of ease of use, Olight i5T has an impressive user interface. I found it easy to navigate between the two modes using the tail switch.

As with other Olight flashlights, the i5T is a very sturdy EDC flashlight meant for everyone. It works perfectly even underwater and generally offers a lot of durability. It would be a great gift for a friend or loved one.

On a scale of 0-10, I would rate this flashlight at 8 in the EDC category. The two points would probably be because this light does not have a lot of features to offer. At the same time, I would have loved Li-ion batteries instead of alkaline batteries. Nevertheless, it offers excellent performance and durability.

Where to Buy Olight i5T

Two best places to get Olight i5T are Oligth store and Amazon.

Final Verdict to Olight i5T

Olight continues to amaze me with excellent flashlight designs. While the i5T lacks a lot of features, I think it is a great light for everyone. It makes a nice EDC flashlight to put in your backpack or pocket when spending some time outdoors.

Olight i5T is a nice personal light to bring to your camping trips. Of course, it cannot be your main source of light but you can use it to read or fetch something in the dark. Besides, an output of 300 lumens offers an excellent backup emergency light.

Besides the alkaline batteries, I like everything else in this flashlight. I like that only the tail cap can unscrew from this flashlight. Olight i5T is sturdy enough and will not flicker following a hard drop on the floor.

The runtime is excellent if you ask me, especially because I use mine on the Low mode most of the time. It is a top-performing flashlight in alkaline battery-powered flashlights. Overall this is an impressive light with a beautiful design.

Let us know what do you thing about our reviews!

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