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Olight warrior pro x flashlight

Introduction of Olight Warrior X Pro

Olight has a history of producing several flashlights each year. In 2020, the tactical flashlight company introduced an upgrade of the Warrior X, the Warrior X Pro. This upgraded flashlight comes with a capacity of 2250 lumens powered by a 21700 battery. I ordered the Warrior X Pro flashlight and so far it feels as tactical as Olight describes it.

The packaging is stylish and very detailed. In addition Olight uses a magnetic flap which is an advantage. You don’t have to tear it up to get what’s inside the box.

Inside the Box

In the hefty packaging box, Olight includes everything you will need to use the flashlight right away. These include: 

  • Olight Warrior X Pro flashlight

  • Holster

  • Lanyard

  • Tactical Grip Ring

  • 1 21700 Olight dedicated battery

  • MCC3 Magnetic charging cable

Olight does not include extra O rings in the box, even though the Tactical ring works perfectly.

Olight warrior pro x package content

Difference Between Previous Models

Like its predecessor, Olight Warrior X Pro is an excellent flashlight for camping, hunting, and security. However, I find a 300 lumens Low mode too bright for everyday use. Well, there are some key upgrades in the Warrior X Pro including the battery. A Warrior X flashlight uses a 18650 3000mAh battery, while the X pro uses a 21700 5000mAh battery. 

The Warrior X flashlight has 4 modes grouped into two; Group A: Low and High and Group B: High and strobe. The Warrior X Pro has only two modes: High and Low. Olight eliminated the strobe mode.

The output of the Warrior X flashlight is up to 2000 lumens while the X Pro has 2250 lumens. The last has also a wavelength of up to 600 meters on the High Mode. 

Unfortunately, having used both versions, the X Pro heats so fast. However on the merits side, this flashlight is waterproof. In addition Olight also claims that the X Pro light can bear a 3m drop. Thus, this tactical flashlight is ideal for security personnel, rescue, hunting, and camping.

Olight Warrior X Pro

Olight Warrior X

Olight Warrior X Pro User Experience

Product Overview

Olight originally produced the Warrior X Pro flashlight in 8 different colors. Some were, however, discontinued, leaving 2 special edition colors: Green and Desert. Going for around $130, X Pro has a lot to offer. 

Even though I am not military, I spend a lot of time outdoors. While the lighting is sufficient, the battery life is not. We shall look at this later on in this article.

As a tactical flashlight, Warrior X Pro is IPX8 rated. So, it is sturdy and the tail switch is perfect for tactical operations. However, the single switch is not exactly effective since you must reposition your hand to switch from one mode to another. 

With an output of 2100 lumens, the Warrior X Pro makes a perfect portable flashlight. For instance, it is comfortable in my hands and only 5.8 inches long. In other words, you can bring it wherever you go. 

I love that Olight provides a unique and sturdy holster. Unlike most foldable holsters, this appears more plastic like. In addition, the holster has two magnetic flaps; one at the top and another at the bottom. Therefor, I think they designed it this way for safety and fast retrieval. 

Like most tactical flashlights from Olight, the Warrior X Pro does not have any sharp edges. Olight claims that the flashlight can survive a 3m drop without any recognizable damage. So, with normal use you should not be able to break it.

Having only two modes makes it easy to switch from one mode to another. I mean, no one can get this wrong.

Built Quality of Olight Warrior X Pro

This powerful flashlight comes in a very detailed box. Therefore you can tell it is a high-quality product from the well-designed box. Also, the box includes all the details you would need to know when purchasing a tactical flashlight. In addition, Olight’s magnetic charging system is a unique and luxurious feature. 

The Warrior X Pro has a balanced body. Neither the tail nor the head feels heavier when holding the flashlight. Although, it is a little inconveniencing to have a dedicated battery for such a flashlight. Let me expound on that.

Having a dedicated battery means that you cannot use any other battery on the flashlight. So, given the limited runtime, getting a spare battery would mean ordering one from Olight. It is a little disappointing, but it is also an advantage. In short, Olight uses this as a strategy to prevent damaging the flashlight by use of foreign batteries. 

For durability, this flashlight allows you to unscrew the tailcap only. I liked that Olight lubricates the thread lines prior to packaging. 

The beam is green, like in most LED powered flashlights, and the bezel remains non-removable. The tail switch is ideal for a tactical grip.

Olight warror X pro - charging

Handling of Olight Warrior X Pro

If you are looking for a portable and powerful tactical flashlight, Olight Warrior X Pro is a wonderful choice. With only a single switch, this flashlight has a High Mode of 2100 lumens and a Low of 300 lumens. However I still consider this too bright for a Low mode.

The good news is, there is only a single switch, at the tailcap. So, it is easy to access with a tactical hand grip. And you only have to click the switch to change from low to high modes. In addition, the tactical ring is connected to the pocket clip, which means you must use them together. 

You might want to be careful using X Pro, especially in the urban setting. It is not the ideal flashlight as even at 300 lumens, the Lowest Mode, it is still dazzling. 

The High mode could blind a naked eye. Thus, I prefer this flashlight in the rural setting, or for night hunting.

User Interface of Olight Warrior X Pro

´If you are looking for a simple tactical flashlight, this is the one. It is slightly taller than the previous Warrior X as well as a higher output. Above all, the user interface is very impressive and ideal for beginners. 

This flashlight has only two modes controlled from one switch. You can turn on the flashlight to the Low mode by half pressing the switch. Full pressing, the switch will activate High mode. But be careful when experimenting with the flashlight for testing. 

When you half-press the switch button and hold, the flashlight will go off. On the other hand, a full press and hold will activate the High (Turbo) mode. So there is really no difference because Warrior X Pro lacks the blinking lights feature. 

I found the vibrating low-battery indicator very interesting and unique concept. Here is what to expect when your flashlight battery is depleting:

  • Below 30% – the flashlight vibrates in 5-minutes interval

  •  <10% – It will vibrate every minute

  • At  5% – Vibrates every 10 seconds

Well, this means that you have to charge it at 30% if you do not want the flashlight to keep vibrating. Although, it is exciting, but on the same time can be very annoying when you do not have access to its dedicated MCC3 magnetic charger. 

Note, that you cannot use any other charger on the flashlight. As with a dedicated battery, Warrior X Pro flashlight also has a dedicated charging system. However it is nice that I did not have to purchase the 5000mAh battery separately. 

The charging speed is impressive given that the battery runtime is not. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell when Warrior X Pro is fully charged. The battery LED indicator will turn green at 90%

Olight Warrior Pro x in hand

Brightness Outputs and Runtime

A tactical flashlight with an output of 2250 lumens is very impressive but not the brightest flashlight on the market. However, Warrior X Pro will only accommodate the highest output for 2 minutes. It drops to 1000 lumens for over an hour and then to a 300 lumens low.

I also do not think a Low Mode with 300 lumens is low at all. It sounds more of a medium to me. However, it would be a brilliant choice for campers since the flashlight can run for 8 hours in the Low mode. 


Brightness Output



300 lumens

8 hours


2250 lumens

2 hours 


However, at the high mode, the output capacity declines with time. It will run on the Turbo mode (2250) lumens for 2 minutes. It will immediately decrease to 1000 lumens for about 23 minutes before going down to about 950 lumens. After an hour, the flashlight goes down further, to about 550 lumens and later to 300 lumens, Warrior X Pro low mode. At one and a half hours, the flashlight will go off eventually, taking about 2 hours and a few minutes to deplete the 21700 battery.

Olight Warrioe Pro x - specs

Olight Warrior Pro X is Best for:

Warrior X Pro flashlight is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. People in the rural settings can also benefit from the flashlight. Although I do not recommend this tactical flashlight for urban settings as the brightness output can be too high even on the Low Mode. 

Olight claims that this powerful tactical light can be ideal for military and police use. Well, I cannot deny this given that the sturdy flashlight has a high output and is built for durability. Also, as an IPX8 rated flashlight, it is both waterproof and dustproof.

At only 5.8 inches, it is a splendid light to bring to your camping escapades. So you can easily clip in it in your pocket or belt and use the tactical ring for safety. Therefore it is unlikely to lose your flashlight in its holster. 

Hunters and ranchers will also find the output really useful. Besides, Warrior X pro has an impressive charging speed. In addition, this indestructible flashlight is also ideal for first responders and security personnel.

Pro-s and Cons of Olight Warrior Pro X:

Olight Warrior X Pro is a powerful multi-purpose flashlight. However, as with everything else, there is always an upside and a downside of this flashlight. 


  • It is a high-quality and indestructible flashlight

  • Comes with exciting accessories including a tactical grip ring (TGR)

  • Vibrating battery indicator

  • It offers excellent performance

  • Easy to use interface with only two modes controlled by a single tail switch

  • Exciting features for a $130 tactical flashlight


  • Only has two modes and thus not a lot of options to offer

  • You can only use the dedicated battery and magnetic charger. If you want an extra battery, you would have to purchase one from Olight

  • The battery runtime is not very impressive for a 21700 battery and 5000mAh capacity

Our Rating

Olight is known for producing high-quality flashlights, and the Warrior X Pro is no different. While having only 2 modes can be a little limiting, I think it is good for tactical operations. Therefore you can easily switch from Low to High modes from the tail switch. 

On the other hand, I cannot ignore the fact that the battery runtime is quite low. As a result, it would not be an ideal flashlight for rescue operations. But it would be a great backup flashlight for any operation. Also, the vibrating battery indicator is an interesting feature I haven’t seen on most tactical flashlights. 

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate Warrior X Pro at 8. I like its quality and indestructible appearance. However, the few shortcomings take away the 2 points. Overall, I love the quality and the accessories. To clarify, I feel that the battery performance could have been better for such a high-quality flashlight.

It’s worth mentioning that flashlight collectors will also find the Warrior X Pro a delight for indestructible light collections.

Where to Buy Olight Warrior Pro X?

This amazing flashlight is sold in every  well equipped camping store. You can also buy if from Amazon on Olight store.

Final Verdict

Olight Warrior X Pro is a powerful tactical flashlight. You can tell from the packaging box that this is a premium quality product. While the battery runtime is not so impressive, the brightness output is excellent, especially from a single LED.

It will fit nicely in a medium-sized hand. So, the tactical flashlight has the entire component glued in place to provide the indestructible experience. As such, only the tail cap can unscrew from the flashlight. In addition, the dedicated battery may prevent damaging the flashlight but can be an inconvenience. You would have to order an additional battery from Olight, which is costly. 

In conclusion, I would recommend this flashlight for its performance and affordable price, selling at no more than $130. I would encourage rural-based individuals and campers to purchase this indestructible light.

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