Thrunite T1 – Complete review

Introduction to Thrunite T1

Thrunite has a reputation for making bright and hardy tactical flashlights. Launched in 2019, the Thrunite T1 EDC tactical flashlight is not different. The light is almost 7 cm in length with an output of up to 1500 lumens.

Unlike most tactical flashlights, Thrunite T1 does not have a tail switch. However, I do like that the company ships the light with all the accessories you will need. Thrunite T1 is easily compared to Olight S1R Baton II.

Both flashlights are an excellent choice for beginner flashlight enthusiasts. Thrunite T1 uses an 1100 mAh 18350 battery, while Olight S1R Baton II uses a 550mAh 16340 battery. The two flashlights have the same switch, pocket clip, and charging port designs.

Thrunite T1 offers an impressive output of 1500 lumens, and high quality S1R Baton II has an output of 1000. While these two flashlights are of high quality, I would choose Thrunite T1 for its performance. T1 also has an impressive battery runtime.

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Inside the Box

I have several Thrunite lights, and they do not disappoint in terms of accessories. They will include all the accessories you need for the light to work. Your light will arrive in a detailed stiff cardboard box. You can already tell it is a high-quality light from the safe packaging and the accessories.

Included accessories

You will find the following accessories inside the Thrunite T1 packaging box:

  •         Thrunite T1 flashlight

  •         2 spare o-rings

  •         Micro-USB charging cable

  •         18350 Lithium-ion battery

  •         Lanyard

  •         Pocket clip

  •         Spare USB port cover

  •         User manual

As you can see, you will not need to purchase additional accessories to get the light to work. If you are a beginner tactical lights enthusiast, Thrunite T1 is an excellent collectible.

Thrunite T1 box content

Diffrence Between Previous product

Thrunite T1 is among the most potent EDC lights in Thrunite’s T series. The TN12 light offers a little less output, giving out up to 1100 lumens. Well, other than the output, these two lights also differ in terms of design and features.

Thrunite TN12 has two switches, one on the side and a tail cap switch. I think this is an excellent choice over the single side switch on the Thrunite T1 flashlight. But it does not make a lot of difference unless you work for the military or a security agency.

A single Cree XPL-V6 powers Thrunite TN12 LED bulb, while T1 has one Cree XHP 50 LED bulb. Thanks to this bulb, Thrunite T1 has an impressive output. Unfortunately, Thrunite does not ship the TN12 light with the battery, but T1 comes with all the accessories listed above.

Both of these flashlights are hardy enough for outdoor operations. They also have a lock-out feature, which is necessary for an EDC flashlight. After all, you need to keep your light from accidentally activating when in the pocket.

Thrunite T1

Thrunite T1

Thrunite TN12

TN 12

User Experience

Product Overview of Thrunite T1

Thrunite T1 is an excellent choice for people looking for a powerful tactical flashlight. And besides, it is compact enough to bring with your everywhere. Whether you are going camping, hiking, or you need to fetch something quickly, the Thrunite T1 EDC light will help.

The T1 offers excellent output and impressive battery runtime. Using the Turbo mode, you can access up to 1500 lumens for a couple of minutes. The lowest brightness output mode is the Firefly mode giving out 1 lumen and can last for 14 days.

I also like that this light has a single side switch. This makes it easy to explore the five different output modes. We will look at this in the user interface section of this review.

Thrunite T1 is not only potent but also has beautiful finishing. The knurlings around the light body tube provide a firm handgrip, even for such a small light.

Thrunite includes a rechargeable 18350 battery with a flashlight. It will take about 2 hours to charge the light to full. You can tell that your light is fully charged when the battery indicator lights up blue. Ensure that the micro-USB charging port is covered when you unplug the light from the charger.


Built Quality of Thrunite T1

If you are looking for a cool tactical flashlight, Thrunite T1 is an excellent fit. Not only does the light offer a lot more lumens than most EDC light, but it is also high-quality. Thrunite uses alternate knurling patterns to enhance a firm handgrip when using the flashlight. Do not worry that the light will slip out of your sweaty hands.

I also noticed the magnetic tail cap could attach the light in place. Unlike most tactical flashlights, you can unscrew the T1 body from its head and tail cap. However, the light has lubed threads that will screw your light back to keep it intact.

The micro-USB charging port has a cover to protect the light from water or dust damage. Please keep the port closed for your light to be waterproof. Don’t worry if you lose the USB port cover. You can always use the spare cap instead.

Thrunite also claims that this light can withstand a 1-meter drop without any impact. I did try dropping my light, and it remained intact. It did not even blink. I am yet to try the waterproof function even though all my other Thrunite tactical lights are waterproof.

The light truly feels good in my hands. I can almost feel it replacing my old Olight S1R Baton II for my everyday use.

I also like that Thrunite T1 has a battery indicator in the gray switch. You can always tell when your charge is depleting or when it is charging.

If there is one thing I disliked about Thrunite T1 is the final shiny coating. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it does not feel good to have a shiny tactical light.

Nevertheless, this light is powerful, and I appreciate its built quality.

Thrunite T1 on surface


Thrunite T1 is very light and easy to handle. The single switch makes it straightforward to use, even for beginners. The company will also include a detailed user manual to guide you as you navigate the light.  I like that Thrunite has positioned the switch on the head, so it is easily accessible to activate the light and change the modes.

Thrunite T1 is a compact tactical light with excellent performance. You can easily access strobe or turbo modes by triple or double-clicking the switch, respectively. This means that if you have an emergency and your light is off, you can quickly activate it on the highest output with ease.

I also noticed that Thrunite does not include a pouch for the T1 EDC light. Instead, they only have a pocket clip and a lanyard for safety. The pocket clip is firm enough to hold the light in your pocket or belt. The lock-out function will keep your light from turning on in the pocket, which will deplete your charge faster.

You can also choose to attach your light to its lanyard, especially when you are outdoors hiking or camping.

I do not like that you cannot carry your light with the beam up using the pocket clip. But it does not matter much as long as you can safely carry the light.

Lockout function

User Interface of Thrunite T1

Thrunite T1 is easy to navigate, given that it only has a single switch. It has five output modes that you can access through the side switch. The light does not have hidden modes.

Click on the switch to start your light, and once more to turn it off. Thrunite T1 has a mode memory function, which means you will always go back to the output you last used. However, if you were using the strobe, turbo, or firefly modes, the mode memory does not function.

If you long-press the switch for a second when the light is off, it will take you to Firefly mode. You can long-press the button for 3 seconds to move to another mode. Clicking once when the light is on Firefly mode does not change anything. Only the battery indicator in the switch will light up red when you click.

When your light is on, click once to turn off the light. If you press and hold the switch, it will move from the Infinity High to Infinity Low. You can release the button when you are in your preferred mode.

Double click the switch on Thrunite T1 to access Turbo mode. On the other hand, you must triple-click the switch to access the Strobe mode. The Turbo mode offers up to 1500 lumens, while the Strobe mode offers up to 700 lumens.

Thrunite T1 tactical light also has a lock-out feature to ensure your light stays off when in the pocket.

I also like the battery indicator inside the side switch. It will light up red when charging, even though blinking purple light means a charging problem. When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator will change to blue.

Brightness Outputs and Runtime of Thrunite T1

A rechargeable 1100mAh 18350 battery powers the Thrunite T1 flashlight. It will take about 2 hours for the battery to charge to full. I love that Thrunite T1 has impressive runtimes. But, this depends on how you use your light.

Thrunite T1 offers five different modes:

  •         Turbo

  •         Strobe

  •         Infinity High

  •         Infinity Low

  •         Firefly

On Firefly mode, the light will give an output of 1 lumen. I like this mode because I mostly use the flashlight for reading. The Infinity Low is also impressive, offering 15 lumens output while the Infinity High mode jumps to 685 lumens. It is a massive jump for me.

The strobe mode will offer up to 700 lumens for over 120 minutes. Simultaneously, the Turbo mode offers up to 1500 lumens for 3 minutes before dropping to 408 lumens which can last for up to 80 minutes.

The battery runtime depends on how often you use the light. The mode you use will also determine how fast your battery runs out. Check out the table below for a detailed brightness output and battery runtime details for Thrunite T1.



Brightness Output

Battery Runtime


1500/408 lumens

3/80 minutes


700 lumens

120 minutes

Infinity High

685 lumens

80 minutes

Infinity Low

15 lumens

36 hours


1 lumen

14 days


As you can see, Thrunite T1 offers impressive runtime on all the modes. However, it can only provide total output for 3 minutes on Turbo mode before dropping to 408 lumens which can last up to 80 minutes.

Ouside T1

Is best for

Thrunite T1 flashlight is an excellent light for people working in the military or security agencies. It would be a tremendous spare light for night hunting. Outdoor enthusiasts will also find this light helpful for hiking and camping trips. It is both waterproof and impact-resistant.

This is a light for tactical lights enthusiasts, for both experienced individuals and beginners. If you are looking to gift a loved one, Thrunite T1 is a durable light with impressive performance.

You may also get Thrunite T1 light for your everyday use. After all, it does not hurt to have a light with you everywhere. I use my T1 for light tasks such as reading, fetching for items, and occasional night walks.

Pros and Cons of Thrunite T1


–          Great size for an EDC flashlight

–          Impressive brightness output and battery runtime

–          The single switch makes this flash

–          Comes with complete accessories

–          Easy access to the Turbo and Strobe mode


–          Fragile charging port

–          It is too bright for a crowded place

Our Rating

Among the tactical EDC lights I own, Thrunite T 1 stands out for its excellent performance. On a scale of 0-10, our rating falls at 9, with the one point going to the fragile charging port. Otherwise, this is a tactical flashlight for everyone.

Thrunite T1 offers excellent performance in terms of brightness output. We also like that you don’t need to keep charging the light, especially when using the lowest mode output. It is also very sturdy and difficult to destroy.

Everything about this light is impressive, including the built quality and handling.

Where to Buy

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Final Verdict to Thrunite T1

If you are looking for high quality with impressive performance, Thrunite T1 will serve you well. It is one of the most durable lights I have bought, and I would recommend it. Being an EDC tactical light, the T1 light is perfect for home and work use.

Besides, maintaining a high output of 685 lumens for 2 hours is top performance. It is lightweight and compact enough to carry in your pocket or backpack.

However, I wish Thrunite included a holster for safety when shipping this light. Nevertheless, it is among the best performing tactical EDC lights I have ever owned

Let us know what do you think about our reviews!

Klarus XT21X is a great flashlight for those who want a multi-purpose light. It is easy to use, and you can select when to use the tactical mode or the outdoor mode. I don’t work in security, so yes, this was a great feature for me.

For a flashlight going for slightly over $110, XT21X is an excellent flashlight. The output is excellent and can be used in rural areas, farms, camping, and hunting. I think Klarus should have added an extra battery to meet this price.

My only regret is that the Turbo Mode lasts for only a minute. Nevertheless, XT21X is definitely a great upgrade from the XT11X.

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