Thrunite TC15 Flashlight Complete Review

Thrunite TC15

Introduction of Thrunite TC15

Thrunite produces high-quality flashlights, and the TC15 is no exemption. This powerful ECD flashlight has an output of 2300 lumens, almost as twice bright as its predecessor, Thrunite 2A V3. However, it is slightly bigger and feels good on my hands. It comes in two colours – TC Black and TC TD

While Thrunite TC15 is not for t/actical operations, it is a waterproof flashlight. I would bring this as /an extra light for my camping trips. It would also make a convenient flashlight to read or quickly fetch something in the dark.

Thrunite ships TC15 flashlight in a detailed slim box. You will find the flashlight in a bubble wrap to give you a luxurious feel. And the good news is that Thrunite includes the 18650 TC15 flashlight and other accessories.

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Inside the Box

You have every reason to order the EDC light as it comes with all the accessories. In the box, you will find the following accessories:

  • Thrunite TC15 flashlight

  • 3100mAh 18650 battery

  • Nylon pouch

  • 2 extra O-rings

  • Lanyard

  • USB charging cable

  • 2 additional USB charge port covers

  • Spare rubber switch

  • Pocket clip

It is unlikely that you will find another light company with so many accessories for no extra cost.

Thrunite TC15 inside the box

Difference Between Previous Product

Thrunite makes excellent and affordable flashlights, and the Archer 2A V3 was no different. TC15 has a much better design and feels good in my hands. With an output of up to 2300 lumens, this is quite a powerful light for the EDC category. It is such an upgrade from the Archer 2A V3 flashlight that has only 500 lumens.

They have similar battery runtime, which gives TC15 an upper hand. Even with such a high brightness, Thrunite TC15 can still run for over an hour. I do think that Thrunite could have done a better job with the battery power.

TC15 can compare to the Olight S2R Baton II EDC flashlight. They both have excellent designs, but S2R Baton II is smaller. Overall, TC15 is a good piece for beginner tactical flashlight enthusiasts. It is sturdy but not something to bring to your hunting or military operations.

Thrunite TC15

Thrunite TC15

Thrunite Archer 2A V3

ThruNite Archer 2A V3

User Experience

Product Overview

Thrunite TC15 comes in a pleasant packaging box. You will find user instructions and brightness output on the slim package.

The knurling gives a very excellent grip and generally feels good to hold.

The nylon holster has a belt holder. I can take this light with me everywhere in the safety pouch. Alternatively, you can use the sturdy pocket clip to carry your light. And I haven’t seen many light companies giving away so many accessories.

Thrunite TC15 comes with extra O-rings, charging port covers, charging cables, and 1 18650 battery. While the built-quality stands out for an EDC light, Thrunite could have done better with the battery capacity.

The 3100mAh battery has a tested runtime of up to 87 minutes. Well, it does work for me since I intend to use my TC15 as a spare light.

Unlike most IPX8 rated lights, TC15 lacks a magnetic tail cap. Instead, Thrunite used flat tops, making the light blink or go off when I shake my light. This is a light you take everywhere, you know, just in case you need it.

It is small, compact, and powerful enough for necessary light purposes.

Built Quality of Thrunite TC15

Thrunite TC15 comes in a compact and slim box. Inside, you will find your prize, a well-designed flashlight wrapped in a bubble packaging bag. You can tell that this is a high-quality EDC light from the first impression. The packaging box has all the details that you need to know about Thrunite TC15 waterproof flashlight.

It feels really good, even with my sweaty palms. I like that the knurling and the overall design provide an excellent handgrip.

TC15 also has an in-built charging system. In the box, you will find extra micro USB charging cables and covers. Thrunite recommends users to use the light charger exclusively for the TC15.

XHP35 LED powers Thrunite TC15 in the middle of the greenish beam. Another unique concept with Thrunite flashlights is that you can charge the battery separately. However, it is best to charge your TC15 using the charging system.

In the middle of the side switch, Thrunite has put a battery indicator. At full charge, the LED battery indicator lights up in blue. As the battery depletes, it will change to red before ultimately going off. We shall discuss this in the brightness output and runtime section.


TC15 comes with all the accessories, including a 3100mAh 18650 battery. Insert the battery with the + side facing the head of the flashlight and screw the tail cap.

It is pretty straightforward to use this flashlight. Thrunite TC15 has a single switch that controls all the modes. Click once to turn your flashlight on or off. Press and hold the button to scroll through the five TC15 modes.

Thrunite has also incorporated an ITC protection feature to protect the light from overheating. However, I don’t think this feature helps anything since TC15 does heat quickly. It will not burn you, but you can definitely feel the heat from holding the light.

The position of the side switch is reasonable. Being a small flashlight, you can easily hold it and scroll through different modes using one hand. I have not seen any problem with the side switch, and I love that Thrunite also includes a spare button.

The Turbo mode is terrific, even though it only lasts for a few seconds. Overall, TC15 has a high output as compared to the EDC flashlights I have come across.

Thrunite TC15 - handling

User Interface

If you are looking for a compact EDC light, TC15 is an excellent place to start. Besides the fantastic design, the user interface is impressive. Anyone can operate this light, given that it only has a single switch.

To turn on the flashlight, press the side switch once. A press and hold will take you through all the 5-modes of TC15. These are:

  • Turbo Mode with 2300 lumens

  • High Mode with 1050 lumens

  • Medium Mode with 250 lumens

  • Low Mode with 25 Lumens

  • Firefly/Moonlight Mode with 1 lumen

  • Strobe Mode with 829 lumens

A long press on the switch with the light off will take you to the lowest mode, Firefly Mode. An output of 1 lumen is perfect for reading during your camping trips or when you want to switch your night-light off. Double-clicking the switch will activate the Turbo Mode for a moment, and you can activate the strobe mode by clicking the switch once.

TC15 includes an impressive LED battery indicator in the middle of the metallic switch. You can tell that your light is fully charged when the indicator lights up blue. As the batter depletes, the indicator will light up red to indicate the battery is low. A red blinking light means that you need to charge before the light goes off.

The recharging speed of the TC15 is no different from many micro USB charged lights. However, I think three hours is a long time to charge a light that will go off in less than two hours. But that’s okay since the TC15 flashlight is not for a regular or specific use.

Incredibly, Thrunite includes a 3100mAh battery, and so you do not have to purchase one separately.

Brightness Outputs and Runtime of Thrunite TC15

Thrunite has a reputation for producing high-quality flashlights with impressive outputs. TC15 is no different as it has a Turbo mode with an output of 2300 lumens. However, this will last or about 30 seconds to 1 minute before switching to the High Mode with 1050 lumens.

If you are looking for a flashlight with a low output, TC15 offers just that. The 1-lumen Firefly Mode provides a long battery life of up to 41 days. Here is a table containing the brightness output and runtime for the Thrunite TC15 flashlight.



Brightness Output

Battery Runtime


2300 lumens

30 seconds before dropping to 820 lumens


1050 lumens

2 minutes


829 lumens


250 lumens

60 minutes


25 lumens

72 minutes


1 lumen

41 days


I still think that TC15 has quite a high output for light this size. Unfortunately, I was right as the light gets hot when using it consistently, even with the overheating protection feature Thrunite claims to have.

I love the performance of this flashlight. During testing, the Turbo mode lit up my backyard sufficiently. However, it is only for a short time before dropping to a lower output. The Firefly mode is my favorite, not only for battery power preservation but also for the low output.

Yet, TC15 is an ideal flashlight for its compact size and performance. It is lightweight, which is a good thing, especially if you will be using the pocket clip to carry it around.

Thrunite TC15 outdoors

Thrunite TC15 is Best for ...

Thrunite TC15 is an ideal flashlight for beginner collectors and light enthusiasts. It would also be a perfect piece to bring to your workshop, just in case you need it. Its compact and lightweight nature makes it easy to carry it pretty much everywhere you go.

Besides, the IPX8 rated flashlight would make an excellent spare light for your outdoor escapades. It is not good to bring it as your main flashlight, given its short battery runtime.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love TC15 for its output and sturdiness. However, always remember that it is not an ideal flashlight for first responders or security and military personnel.

Pro-s and Cons of Thrunite TC15

TC15 flashlight is a great EDC piece for flashlight enthusiasts. However, like everything else, there is always a downside.

Pros of Thrunite TC15

– TC15 has a higher output than most EDC lights

– Amazing and indestructible design

– Offers exciting features and plenty of accessories

– Easy to use interface with an overheating protection feature

– Cool flashlight at only $50

– Nice built-quality and interface

Cons of TC15

– The Turbo Mode is only active for a few seconds

– Flat tops on the tail cap easily disconnect when you drop the light

– Battery runtime is not impressive for a light with such great features

– It takes some time to recharge the 3100mAh battery

Our Rating

Thrunite has always produced amazing flashlights. TC15 is an excellent piece for collectors and enthusiasts who are looking for indestructible flashlights. It is both waterproof and dustproof and comes with unique accessories.

The TC15 light also offers plenty of modes to choose from. Besides, I think that the brightness output for such a small light is incredible. This can be a bit limiting because TC15 tends to overheat when in constant use.

On a scale of 0-10, I would rate this flashlight at 7. Not so many EDC flashlights offer such a high output and accessories. Priced at $50-$60, TC15 has a lot to offer, even though the battery runtime is not entirely impressive.

Overall, I am impressed by the output and the indestructible nature of this flashlight. The performance is impressive, and you don’t need to spend extra money on the accessories, including the 18650 battery. It is a nice piece for flashlights and outdoor enthusiasts.

Where to Buy Thrunite TC15

Thrunite TC15 can be bought from Amazon and Thrunite’s own Store. So its very easy to buy it online.  Unfortunately Thrunite does not have dealer locator – so its hard to tell, where these flashlights can be purchased onsite. 

Final Verdict to Thrunite TC15

Not so many people are willing to spend $50 on a flashlight. However, Thrunite gives us all the reasons to desire and purchase the TC15 model. It is not a tactical flashlight but has features that make it indestructible, something every collector wants.

It fits nicely in a normal-sized hand, and the output is definitely a plus. The anodized aluminum body assures us of durability, and TC15 is very easy to use. It is controlled from a single side switch that allows you to access all the modes.

I recommend this piece for outdoor workers or as a gift for lights enthusiasts. TC15 is durable and has an impressive performance on all 6 modes. Thrunite makes it impossible to pass up on all the extra accessories that come with this compact light. Besides, what’s cooler than having a small indestructible flashlight?

Let us know what do you thing about our reviews!

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